61 Stefanie Graf and the international team of experts

The Mrs.Sporty team of experts has over forty years of experience in the health and fitness world. We are on track to building of one the largest fitness chains in the world. 






 58 Valerie BönströmValerie Bönström, Founder and Management of Mrs.Sporty

Valerie Bönström, already worked for the film production company Regency Production in Los Angeles during her computer science studies. She then worked for Deutsche Bank in London. She worked as a software consultant and project manager for various customers throughout the years. In 2000 she started her own company and her clients included; IBM in Cologne and J.P.Morgan in Frankfurt. She completed her EMBA in London and Dubai at London Business School. Today she is in charge of Mrs.Sportys management. 





Niclas Bönström, Founder and Initiator of Mrs.Sporty 62 Niclas Bönström

From 1996 to 1999 Niclas Bönström supported the establishement and then the sales of Coca Cola in Sweden. Next he was involved in developing the 24 Hour Fitness chain in Sweden. In 2001 he took over 66 gyms in Norway and then came to Germany in 2002 to work for 24 Hour Fitness. Today he is responsible for the strategic development of Mrs.Sporty and a member of the board of directors. 





Mark S. Mastrov, Chairman and Founder of 24 Hour Fitness 63 Mark Mastrov


Mark Mastrov is the founder and chairman of California Fitness (Asia), Planet Fitness (Russia and Sweden), Chile Fit (South America), and 24 hour fitness (USA) that has under his leadership developed into one of the biggest private gym chains in the world. 





Stefanie Graf65 Stefanie Graf

Stefanie Graf is the most famous tennis player of all time. She won a total of 107 titles during her career. She was the number one player in the world for eight years. Since 2001 she is married to tennis player Andre Agassi and lives with her family in Las Vegas, USA. You can find additional information about Stefanie Graf on her official website. 





Gil Freemann, Financial Consultant from 24 Hour Fitness

Gil Freeman was the head financial officer for 24 Hour Fitness for nine years. He was also top management at other top companies including: The Chevys Mexican Restaurant, The Sharper Image Catalog, Pier 39 and Computer Software Firma EPYX.

Leonard B. C. Schlemm, Founder of 24 Hour Fitness and board member

Leonard Schlemm is the co-founder and board member of 24 hour fitness. He is also the co-founder and board member of Sila Holding, a company that runs Russia's biggest fitness chain. He received his MBA from Harvard Business School.